Eat Or Be Eaten—How Infrastructure Funding Affects the AEC Industry Mindset

President Bony Dawood, PE, delivered inciteful perspective on how infrastructure funding affects the AEC industry in a November 2021 Morrissey Goodale A/E Industry Intelligence report —from sustainability, technology, and talent to marketplace acceleration.

 “Our industry has faced many challenges, and a common thread has been reactionary acts and funding to appease public sentiment on decaying infrastructure,” reflected Dawood. “It is our hope that the infrastructure bill provides sufficient resources for our industry to develop sustainable solutions. We have grown through the post-pandemic economy and must understand our resources as we strive to be a value provider.”

Throughout 2021, Dawood Engineering has elevated its financial management portfolio by adding Government Finance Solutions (GFS) and added an international building information modeling (BIM) offering throughout its ArchiTube acquisition. “We have pursued a specific strategy over the last few years to manage opportunities which includes increased collaboration and alliances with like-minded companies, as well as innovative processes fueled by technology,” said Dawood.

“The adage of ‘eat” or ‘be eaten’ will accelerate and dominate our industry to meet client needs… I anticipate an increased consolidation within the AEC industry will occur with the lack of graduates filling the void being left by retirees. Many smaller firms with great reputations will continue to struggle to attract talent for a variety of reasons and will recede or exit the marketplace.”  – President Bony Dawood, PE

A Morrissey Goodale snapshot of infrastructure funding fueling the marketplace is provided below.

  • $110 billion for roads and bridges.
  • $108 billion for electric grid and energy. 
  • $66 billion for Amtrak. 
  • $65 billion for broadband internet. 
  • $55 billion for clean drinking water. 
  • $50 billion for Western water protection. 
  • $39 billion for public transit. 
  • $25 billion for airports. 
  • $21 billion for Superfund site cleanup. 
  • $17 billion for shipping ports. 
  • $15 billion for electric cars, buses, and ferries. 
  • $11 billion for road safety. 
  • $1 billion for reconnection for communities. 


Morrissey Goodale’s A/E Industry Intelligence report  states that the package also includes $650 billion in previously authorized funding for roads and other infrastructure, including almost $300 billion for the Highway Trust Fund and $90 billion for public transit over the next five years.

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