Government Finance Solutions

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A key local government goal is to develop and implement financial, managerial, and economic strategies. To address this need, Government Finance Solutions (GFS) empowers clients to bridge the gap between financial processes and municipal goals. With a focus on results rather than reports, GFS serves clients as a business partner, strategic advisor, and technology influencer.


GFS, a Division of Dawood, provides a blueprint for municipal clients to improve their fiscal performance and revitalize regional economies. Under the leadership of John Mizerak and Tracey Rash, GFS facilitates broad actions to augment staff and operations on either a temporary or permanent basis, provide specific recommendations for fiscal challenges and propose feasible solutions, and strategize the best use and mix of funding to effectively enhance economic objectives.





Director of Planning and Economic Development, John Mizerak, helps clients identify, secure and leverage public funding to implement priority projects. Throughout his 30-year career, John has secured more than $80 million in state and federal funding to achieve community and economic development.


GFS Manager Tracey Rash, an industry expert with three decades of experience, has helped more than 100 clients prepare budgets and financial statements. Tracey served on a task force for the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), where she provided guidance and feedback on GASB projects.


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