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Dawood enables clients to strike a cost-effective balance between environmental compliance and risk before shovels hit the ground. We coordinate necessary regulatory approvals for design and construction operations on your behalf to expedite permitting—a critical pre-design step. 

Our project standards and controls unequivocally support environmentally responsible design. Accustomed to working within the most strictly regulated U.S. states, Dawood’s processes and controls maintain compliance. 

We collaborate with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. EPA, and various state and federal agencies to develop and ensure compliance with permits—aiming to avoid and minimize adverse environmental impacts while being mindful of operational expenses. 


Turnkey Natural Gas & Electrical Transmission Lines

The Birdsboro Pipeline project involved routing and permitting new natural gas and electrical transmission lines in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  

Dawood’s work ranged from surveying, environmental inspection, resource delineation, and geophysical studies to land development, mechanical design, and construction.

We helped contractors navigate challenges such horizontal directional drilling and endangered species avoidance and developed web-based visualization tools to support FERC requirements.

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