Equal Opportunities

Diversity & Inclusion

We take diversity and inclusion personally because we are an MBE. We believe the world is filled with beautiful and vibrant people. We provide a safe workspace for everyone. We strive to promote diversity and inclusion beyond our walls. Culture, skin tones, religions – it is what makes us Dawood.

Workforce Development

We have developed a program to assist in advancing cultural diversity. We nurture careers, and identify and sponsor external diversity initiatives, such as our MBE mentor-protégé program. 

Through our mentorship program, we assist newly certified MBE firms create a business plan, find opportunities, identify goals, and develop long-lasting relationship.

Internal D&I

Every person and every worker deserves a fair shot at achieving economic stability and success. It’s important to us that we cultivate and preserve a culture of diversity, inclusion, and connectivity. This allows us to grow and be better together. Our Diversity & Inclusion Team initiates actions to continuously set the bar higher for our diverse and inclusive culture. Among their achievements is the formation and funding of a diversity scholarship. Our diversity scholarship is for those who want to gain skills, training, and education necessary for jobs in any STEM-related field.

Scholarship Application

Dawood is passionate about fostering the next generation of leaders to pursue their dreams through Engineering, Surveying, Geospatial Technologies, Computer Aided Drafting, Computer Science, and Information Technology careers.  Our support positions these future leaders towards success and helps develop a diverse pool of qualified talent, which will benefit the engineering and technology industries for years to come.


Through understanding and support, Dawood values students coming from diverse cultures, different socioeconomic settings, and various religious and ethnic backgrounds.  In a global society, students must learn to manage the many complex issues and opportunities diversity brings to the workplace and the community.



  • The scholarship may be awarded up to two (2) times to the same person (1 time annually), while the person is registered in an educational training program.
  • Selection is based on the candidate’s potential to contribute to the cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of the community campus of their choice.
  • Scholarship renewal is based on maintaining a full-time undergraduate course load and making satisfactory progress towards a degree in one of the disciplines offered at Dawood.
  • Up to two (2) recipients per year.
  • Deadline: March 31, 2021

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Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Application