Swatara Township Municipal Engineer-of-Record

Dawood became the Municipal Engineer-of-Record for Swatara Township in 2017. An engineer-of-record ensures all proposed project parameters are compatible and consistent with municipal ordinances, that they meet all project requirements, and ultimately are completed as outlined in the approved plans and specifications. The Municipal Engineer-of-Record works with the Director of Planning and Zoning, Township Commissioners, Township Manager, and others to complete projects and meet regulatory requirements. Some of the various task completed by Dawood include the review of subdivision and land development plans, attendance at Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners meetings, periodic inspection of public improvements and roadway projects, review of stormwater permit applications, preparation of design/bid documents for roadway repairs, stormwater facilities, repaving projects, development of grant applications, assisting with updates to the comprehensive plan, surveying services, and preparation of recommendations and design services for various traffic issues, among other tasks assigned by township personnel.

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  • Plan and Supporting Document Review,
  • Construction Inspections,
  • Bid Preparation,
  • Stormwater Management,
  • Permit Application Preparation