PA Signing Trust Inventory

Dawood was tasked with the inventory and inspection of tourism signs along Pennsylvania highways for the PA Signing Trust. Using crews from three offices across the state, teams traveled to the 421 exits given by the PA Signing Trust. Ease and efficiency have been added by using available GIS tools and resources. Field crews used the Survey123 app in the field to enter information and log coordinates from their smartphone or tablet. To improve the accuracy to meet required standards, Dawood used an EOS Arrow 100 GPS booster to receive 60 cm real-time accuracy. The GIS Department created WebMaps and Operations Dashboards that were utilized by the entire team. Questions were quickly answered by interacting with the dashboards. The widgets calculated totals and percentages, so anyone could analyze the data without having to know GIS software. The dashboards were a much more efficient way to summarize data compared to excel spreadsheets and hard copy maps.




Completed in 2018


Survey123, Inventory & Inspection, ArcGIS Online, Operations Dashboard, Project Management