First Aid Preparedness

According to the United States Department of Labor, companies should ensure that medical personnel are readily available for workplace injuries.

OSHA further advises that if an infirmary, medical clinic, or hospital is not within a reasonable proximity to your workplace, at least one person at the worksite during each shift should be trained to render first aid; and that a clear path for eye wash stations and emergency showers exist in your workplace if a worker is exposed to corrosive materials.

Be Prepared!

Dawood recommends following these points to keep your workers safe:

  • Equip your workplace with adequate, readily available first aid supplies.
  • Train your workers in first aid and how to effectively provide safe care within training limitations.
  • Ensure challenging material is understood, provide detailed instructions, and test first aid skills before signing off on training.
  • Inspect your first aid kits regularly and ensure items are fully stocked.
  • Check each item’s expiration date—supplies such as burn cream, pain relief tablets, and sanitizing wipes have a limited shelf-life and ineffective if expired.


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Dawood Engineering offers American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid CPR and AED training and can help keep your company compliant. To schedule training for your employees, contact