Achieving Zero Workplace Injuries

As 2022 winds down, a new reporting period for workplace injuries and illnesses is about to begin. From a corporate safety perspective, this means a fresh opportunity to establish a zero recordable incidents goal for 2023. Unlike a New Year’s resolution that quickly loses steam, this safety pursuit is achievable, and sustainable, if everyone puts their minds to it!

Spread Your Safety Culture

An organization’s safety culture defines its performance—and we should all be on the same page when it comes to workplace safety. Attitudes toward safety start at the top and resonate throughout the workforce, from executives to frontline supervisors and craft-level employees.

A company should define its safety goals and provide employee support to achieve zero workplace injuries. If you see something amiss, then say something! Having a strong personal safety record goes a long way to helping everyone get home safely.

Execute Your Safety Plan

Achieving a year with zero workplace injuries and/or illnesses can be a tough task, especially for large companies with hundreds or thousands of employees. This safety mission can be achieved if we take time to properly plan work tasks, assess and mitigate the hazards, communicate and educate one another via toolbox talks, and stay focused on the task at hand!


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