Water Intake and Lift Station

Dawood has supported a natural gas exploration company, providing it a broad range of services, since 2013.  One associated project is the permit, design, and construction oversight of a water withdrawal point in Tenmile Creek in West Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Dawood provided wetlands and stream delineation services and all the surveying for the design and planning for the water withdrawal intake and lift station. Dawood also notified the county and township of the water management plan (WMP) application. The WMP and associated application package containing all the design, maintenance, operation, record keeping, and reporting details were created by Dawood.

The WMP and application package contained evaluations of potential effects or impacts to Pennsylvania’s natural diversity, sites of historical significance, stream habitats, wetlands, and other withdrawals and discharges in the same watershed. Flow measurement, USGS gauge station, and other data were incorporated into stream flow, stream gauge, and intake calculations. Maps and drawings depicting the withdrawal location, topography, wetlands, downstream withdrawal, and discharge points, and details of the intake structure and pumping station design were also prepared. Dawood’s intake specifications and the pump station design incorporated a wet well with an isolation sluice gate, 1,400 gallons per minute (GPM) removable submersible pumps on a rail system, control panels, and a dry vault to house much of the valves and a flow meter.

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