MulDer Square Traffic Improvements

The purpose of this project is to improve livability, walkability, accessibility for all modes of transportation, increase property values, and spur economic development in the targeted redevelopment area of Allison Hill known as MulDer Square. Several other housing redevelopment projects are underway to revitalize MulDer Square (Mulberry West, Mulberry East, and Derry/Thompson Building) by the Harrisburg Housing Authority and the Tri-County HDC. The intent of the Transportation Improvement project is to complement the housing investments by providing accessible routes, green infrastructure, and streetscape improvements. The project includes traffic calming measures, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, green stormwater infrastructure enhancements and other related streetscape improvements at the following locations:

  • Creation of a neighborhood gateway, community plaza, and mini-roundabout at the intersection of Mulberry Street and Derry Street
  • Removal of Derry Street cul-de-sac and development of a multiuse path and linear park from Sylvan Terrace to Cameron Street
  • Conversion of Nectarine Street between Mulberry Street and Haehnlen Street into a green alley creating a pedestrian-focused public space
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  • Field Surveys,
  • Geotechnical Engineering,
  • Traffic Studies,
  • Community Outreach Facilitation,
  • Concept Plan Development,
  • Final Design and Construction Services