Carlisle Borough Traffic Calming

Our team developed preliminary design plans for multi-phase traffic calming measures at the intersection of Kerrs Avenue, East Penn Street, and North Bedford Street in downtown Carlisle. The community and Borough officials have expressed concerns over vehicle speeds on Beford Street and pedestrian safety issues. Read more about this project in The Sentinel.


Dawood’s Phase I traffic upgrades include curb extensions at each corner of the five-leg intersection to shorten crosswalk lengths to reduce crossing distance and vehicle speeds by narrowing the travel way. Potential phase II additions include a bike lane and a modified on-street parking layout.


Dawood also supports municipal clients such as Carlisle Borough with community economic planning and development initiatives to obtain federal funds for shovel-ready assignments.


Seen here, the Carlisle Fire Rescue’s largest ladder truck turns right from Penn Street onto Bedford Street with a safe distance from cones setup to demonstrate curb extension locations.
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  • Intersection Relocation, Curb Extensions, Bike Lane, and Parking