Dawood creates new tools for Townships to modernize their processes, organize data, and allows interdepartmental transparency using GIS

GIS is more than data. It is knowledge, as well as the platform to communicate and experience that knowledge. Dawood works collaboratively with our clients to implement strategic and cost effective GIS solutions to gather, organize, and communicate data. Most importantly, however, we work to help them experience the value of GIS. This is important because experiencing the value of GIS helps to foster staff participation and increased investment in GIS systems implementation.

 This value can form as a better understanding of challenges/solutions, reducing workflow stress and fatigue, or simply helping clients communicate more efficiently.

 Take for instance our collaborations with Lower Allen Township, Pennsylvania. The Township’s data often exists as paper documents requiring significant institutional knowledge to locate and interpret. As long-term employees retire, so too does this intimate institutional knowledge, leaving new staff in a tough position.

 Enter GIS! The strategic and targeted implementation of GIS within Lower Allen Township is helping to centralize knowledge about infrastructure, community, and safety, while allowing for faster access and transfer of information. With each level of implementation new value is experienced, and more efficiency is gained.

 Lower Allen Township, in collaboration with Dawood Engineering, is making great strides towards GIS enabled workflows, and taking a giant leap into the future of municipal operations.