Empower Students Through Safety Education

Students on bikes with helmets and backpacks

The National Safety Council (NSC) recognizes August as Back to School Month—the time to highlight prominent safety topics ranging from walking, biking, riding the bus, and driving to school to preventing playground-related injuries by following backpack best practices. Recognizing that safety and education are intertwined, online resources such as www.schoolsafety.gov provide schools with knowledge and tools to cover additional subjects such as emergency planning, mental health, cybersecurity, targeted violence, infectious diseases and public health, and threat assessments and reporting.

A professional services firm specializing in multi-modal transportation and community planning, Dawood values high-quality education. We understand that making students feel safe empowers them to learn better.

Safe School Passage from A to B and All Points Between

  • Consider how children in your community get to school while you are driving.
    • Slowdown in school zones and obey the speed limit.
    • Exercise caution when driving through intersections—especially during peak commuter time—and doublecheck for someone walking or biking across the street.
    • Don’t pass a school bus while children are entering or exiting the bus.
    • Never drive distracted! Stay alert while driving, especially near schools.
  • Educate your children on commuting to school safely.
    • Use sidewalks and crosswalks only.
    • Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.
    • Don’t walk too close to the front of the school bus and ensure the driver can see you.
  • Arm yourself with knowledge! Read the NCS Back-to-School safety checklist!