Our Summer Spotlight series shines a light on the uniqueness of our Dawood team members. Diversity is key, as we all look to excel in a world of possibilities. Today, we speak with Administrative Coordinator Sue Kotalik.

1. Please describe your position and day-to-day activities.

Well, there’s never a dull moment at Dawood because every day is different for me! My position as Administrative Coordinator involves varied office tasks supporting multiple service groups—from preparing and reviewing technical and price proposals, processing contracts and insurance certificate, and notarizing documents to training colleagues in Newforma- our architect/engineering/construction (AEC) industry project management and tracking system- and handling client calls.

2. How long have you worked here… why Dawood?

I’ve been with the company for 18 years and counting. Throughout my journey with the company, Dawood has provided me with an opportunity to grow in the administrative field, and I’ve learned quite a lot! While focused on supporting our Surveying & Mapping solutions group, I’ve been involved with all lines of business during my tenure—from accounting, civil, community planning, and land and site development to transportation engineering.  

3. How do you  spend your time when you aren’t working?

I like to read, cook, travel, exercise (Yoga and strength training), and spend time with my two daughters and two granddaughters. Recently, I helped with a land clearing project involving the removal of trees (roots and all) using nothing more than a manual cable winch and tow straps. I’ve had to deal with poison ivy, bee stings, and stiches, but this has only made me stronger!

4. How do you balance your career at Dawood and family?

For starters, I keep a detailed calendar of my personal activities. Our company culture supports work-life balance, which allows me to balance my personal and company needs while maintaining open communication with my supervisor. Unplugging from the outside world at the end of the day also provides the time I need to re-charge and recover from the daily grind.

5. What would people never guess you do in your role? 

I think most people don’t know I was part of Dawood’s Newforma start-up team. In this capacity, I attended multiple workshops and became the primary training resource for new employees. Newforma connects individuals and project teams across the AEC enterprise—extending collaboration to include project data and processes and ensure successful project delivery. Dawood uses Newforma for document control, live collaboration, proposals, specification indexes, link building, modeling, and web-based markups.

6. What is the one thing you can’t live without?

A good hot cup of coffee in morning.

7. You’re happiest when. . .

Nothing beats sitting on the deck with a cold beverage after an exhausting day of working outside.