Dawood Highlights Tim Woodfield, Geospatial Specialist

Dawood’s Tim Woodfield, Geospatial Specialist, is currently working on some important projects, both internally and externally.  Tim is a 2016 Central Connecticut State University graduate, with a BS in Environmental Geography, and a minor in Geospatial Information Systems.  He has worked for Dawood for over 3 years, assisting in some amazing and exciting projects.

Tim develops tools and applications to assist the various departments with managing their projects using Esri-based software like Operations Dashboards and Web Applications. These tools are used internally to track progress, streamline workflows, and be as efficient as possible. With the software being fully customizable, he is able to create highly tailored dashboards that puts project data right at the user’s fingertips.

These tools can also be shared with clients to promote transparency and report project status. These tools allow clients to see progress in real time without having to set up a formal meeting. Instead of sharing excel forms or PDFs, Tim enables managers to share information visually and interactively.

Dawood offers GIS services for a vast amount of applications, and we keep growing in our creativity.  We would be happy to show you what we can do for you and your projects.