Dawood Provides Support for Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Businesses across the US are working to electrify their vehicle fleets to meet sustainability goals. However, building out Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations will take an enormous investment in public and private infrastructure. Dawood was recently engaged in providing survey, civil/structural, and construction support for a large utility client’s EV Charging Station buildout at their maintenance facilities. Here at Dawood, we’re proud to be a leader in innovative technologies like fleet electrification.

Being headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and having offices throughout the Commonwealth, we also actively follow legislation and public policy that deals with these important topics, such as The Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Act.

As increasing numbers of Pennsylvania consumers and businesses consider choosing alternative energy vehicles, and businesses look for opportunities to invest in cleaner, more efficient equipment, we must ensure that well-planned charging and refueling infrastructures are deployed in the state.

The Pennsylvania Clean Transportation Infrastructure Act will create a framework for building this infrastructure by combining the expertise of our transportation and public utility sectors without added burdens on ratepayers. We have signed on in support of industry leaders, labor, environmental advocates, and utilities. Under this proposal, Pennsylvania will:

  • Establish a state goal of increasing electrification by at least 50 percent over currently forecasted levels by 2030;
  • Require the development of regional electrification infrastructure frameworks, including EV Charging Stations, for our metropolitan areas;
  • Direct electric utilities to develop infrastructure implementation plans to support the development of these networks under PUC oversight; and
  • Require recommendations to the Legislature and PUC on strategies to promote other clean transportation options, including CNG and hydrogen.


Alternative fuel vehicles provide an excellent opportunity to help our economy and our environment at the same time. Dawood was an early adopter of CNG-powered survey vehicles in our fleet. We are now proud to help build out the infrastructure needed for the wider adoption of electric vehicles. Our work is building a brighter future here in our headquarters state and across the nation.